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Take Back Your Family

Over the years I have watched technology become more and more integrated into our lives. The days of calling someone and the phone just ring meant that the person you called might not be home. Now, we are constantly connected to the world by one click of a button. However, we have somehow disconnected ourselves from our own families. Dinner table conversation is replaced by texting and updating facebook or twitter statuses. Then its off to separate parts of the house for WOW and other online games or hours of facebook time to connect to your 1200 friends that you really only talk to a few.

Its time to stop, put down the cell phone and keyboard and mouse and look around. You might discover you have a group of people in your house that miss you and haven’t seen you in awhile. You will be amazed how big your kids have gotten. This is s little exaggeration but you see my point. Modern technology has taken over family time.

Take your family back by having technology free nights.  Turn off all the cell phone for the night. However, if your like me and have no home phone leave one on vibrate for emergencies. Now, go eat dinner and catch up on what has been happening the past 5 months since you last spoke to each other. This may seem awkward at first since verbal communication has been very limited. So try how was your day? Oh yes and “fine” is not an answer to that. After some lovely dinner conversion bring out the games. I would say try a board game. Yes, that is correct a board game they still make those. A round or two of friendly family competition is always good to increase fun during family time. Remember the days when the kids didn’t know what cell phones and facebook were and you played games together, good times. Now, I am not bashing technology. It pays the bills at my house. I am just saying family is more important. So, my next suggestion if board games isn’t your thing then use technology. Well, one type of technology called game consoles. In particular the Nintendo Wii. It has less buttons on it which mean less confusion for the older generation of folks who didn’t grow up with this stuff. You can do anything from bowling to boxing. The benefit of boxing is you can beat the mess out of your kids without a call to social services and burn calories while doing it. So, give technology free nights a try. You can have as many as you want or just once a week. If your brave and don’t think the kids wont go into technology withdrawal try a Saturday or Sunday. So., remember you do have a family and there just in the other room.

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