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Texting while driving

As a parent I find myself even more aware of my surrounding while in traffic. What I have noticed is people text while driving, a lot. I commonly see people looking down at there phones typing away while going 45 mph. They glance at the road for 2 seconds and the phone for 10. I especially get nervous when I look in the rear view mirror and these people are doing it behind me and we are coming to a stop light or about to turn. They are endangering me, my wife, and my daughter. IS IT REALLY THAT IMPORTANT??? Texting “What’s Up LOL” is not important enough to claim a life, yours or mine. Then again is any text important enough? No, there isn’t anything that important. If it is important just call the person.

What is stopping people from texting while driving? I am not sure. I heard there was a fine if your caught but I haven’t seen that fine given to any of the people behind me in traffic. Is the fine big enough? Probably not, since it hasn’t really stopped anyone that I have noticed.

What should be a penalty for texting while driving? What should be the penalty for hitting someone else while texting and driving?

Is me and my family worth your text?

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