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Game Ratings

Did you know that video games have ratings? Not just game reviews but actual ratings based off of what is appropriate for the gamer’s age. These ratings are given to games based off of the content of the game (for example violence, sex, language, adult humor). www.esrb.org  is the entertainment software rating board. They rate any game that is out on the market. The ratings start at ec for early childhood ages 3+ , E for everyone ages 6+, E10+ for everyone ages 10+, T for ages 13+, M for mature ages 17+, and AO for adults only for 18+. Do you know what rating your kids game is? It might suprise you. I have seen many parents purchase games for their kids and not think twice about what they are purchasing for them. However, I find it ironic that they care about what movies they watch. They don’t want their kids to watch R rated movies but they purchase M rated games.

Lets compare game ratings to video rating. The game rating of EC is safe. There is no content to be worried about. It would probably not even be rated as a video. The game rating E would be like the rating G is for video. E10+ would be like PG. The game rating T would be like PG-13. The game rating of M would be like that of the video rating R. Finally, the game rating of AO would be that of the videos in the back of the video store that people try to sneak in and out without being seen by someone they know, like their pastor. So, again, do you know what your kids are playing? You can always go to www.esrb.org and search for a game title and get ratings and info on the game about why it got that rating. The rating is marked on the game itself and the game case. It is on the front and back of the game case.

Here are some popular titles:

Call of Duty Black Ops (pc) Rated Mature

World of Warcraft (pc) Rated Teen

Starcraft II (pc) Rated Teen

Grand Theft Auto (pc)  Rated Mature

Dragon Age II (pc) Rated Mature

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