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Spring Cleaning

Its that time of the year. The birds are chirping. The grass is growing. You and everyone else is sneezing. It is time for spring cleaning but not four your house. It is time to clean your pc.

Step 1: Buy a can of air and blow out the dust inside of your computer. (Do this outside) It is amazing how much dust, bugs and other things will get inside a computer. Everyday we see computers performing poorly because they are overheating due to dust clogging up the cpu fan and heatsink, and for those of you who smoke around your pc constantly, when you open up your case you will see what your lungs are looking like.

Step 2: Its time to backup your files. All those Christmas photos you took need to be backed up. You can do this many ways. You can buy an external hard drive and copy and paste them to it. Or you can burn cds or dvds of your precious files and photos. You can also choose to do an online backup through companys like carbonite.

Step 3: Remove old programs and files. There is an add/remove programs or uninstall programs icon in the control panel of every windows based operating system. This icon will bring up a list of all the programs you have installed on your pc. It is time to go through it and uninstall any old program that you don’t use or don’t need anymore. Just hit remove or uninstall and follow the instructions. Also, look at your files in your user account and delete what you dont need anymore.

Step 4: Perform a disk defragment, Check disk, and a disk cleanup on your hard drive. These tools can be found in the accessories>system tools. Check disk can be found by right clicking on the c drive. Click on properties>tools>check now under error checking. You will have to restart your pc to run this.

Step 5: Updates. Update windows and update your existing programs. If you open up Internet explorer you can click on tools or safety and select windows updates. It will find and install the updates you need to keep your microsoft products up to date. You can update your other programs with built in update features within the program itself. Most programs can be updated however there are those that can’t be.

Step 6: Check your security software to make sure it is up to date and has a valid subscription. If it isn’t buy some and get protected.

These are the basic steps for spring cleaning your pc. Now it is time for your house.

Step 1: Find a blog or website about spring cleaning.

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