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Game Ratings

Did you know that video games have ratings? Not just game reviews but actual ratings based off of what is appropriate for the gamer’s age. These ratings are given to games based off of the content of the game (for example violence, sex, language, adult humor). www.esrb.org  is the entertainment software rating board. They rate […]

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Texting while driving

As a parent I find myself even more aware of my surrounding while in traffic. What I have noticed is people text while driving, a lot. I commonly see people looking down at there phones typing away while going 45 mph. They glance at the road for 2 seconds and the phone for 10. I […]

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Take Back Your Family

Over the years I have watched technology become more and more integrated into our lives. The days of calling someone and the phone just ring meant that the person you called might not be home. Now, we are constantly connected to the world by one click of a button. However, we have somehow disconnected ourselves from […]

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