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Malware, Scareware, Scamware

There are hundreds of  programs that pose as antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, and hard drive defragment programs. They say things like you have been infected, your system is in acritical state, or your system is unsecure activate your security software. These programs are called malware, scareware or scamware. They trick you in to thinking that you are infected with viruses and you need to purchase their product to remove them. Its all a lie.

To prevent this from happening starts with responsible internet surfing (stay off the gambling, porn and free download sites). If you see a pop up that looks like windows is telling you something, stop and read what it says. If it sounds fishy its probably malware trying to trick you. Hit ctrl+alt+delete and select the web brower(s) you are using and click end task. Most of the time the dialog box with the message is a web browser window (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).  This is not 100% effective but does help in most cases. Just don’t click on ok, cancel or the “X” in the corner of the dialog box. They are all programmed to install the program.

Typical signs you have malware. Most malware is in your face with pop-ups saying your infected or your system is in need. Other signs are you can only go to certain sites or no sites at all. This is because the malware setup a proxy on your internet connection. Malware will also not allow you to run programs like your actual antivirus program or any other removal program. Malware has the tendency to run under the radar of most antivirus programs. This is because most malware is not a virus it a program. Your antivirus cannot tell if it is a harmful program or one you intended to put on your computer.

What to do if you are infected with malware. Take it to your local pc repair shop like PC Complete LLC or if you want to try to get rid of it yourself you can try this website. I have found it very helpful at times. www.bleepingcomputer.com. Just be warned, if you are not fully comfortable doing it yourself, don’t. Take it to a professional we remove these this on a daily basis.

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